I have been carving tree stumps for over 20 years.  I enjoy leaving an art piece that can be enjoyed for generations. Yes I can do custom carvings. If you think of it I can do it. 

For pricing I will need the height and width of the tree and type of tree and what image you would like from the tree.  

How to care for your stump carving 1. use a clear Cabot sealer once a year, 2. Bug treat it. 3. If you plan to cover it with a tarp you must remove it before the spring weather heat and moisture will create mold. 4. You can use gorilla glue to fill in large cracks or to apply on parts of the carving that may be loose or removed, you also can fill in the cracks with a paintable caulk and or a colored caulk. 5. Do a bug treatment in the spring and fall.


Welcome Bear at Ellis Lake Cabins in Grawn, Michigan
Grizzly bear and bear cubs with eagle at top

Height is no problem for me!