Sean Bell has been sculpting with wood since 2001 and sculpting with stone since 2006. Sean is one of Northern Michigan's premier wood and stone sculptors. Sean is the owner of Signs & Sculpture by Sean Bell, and Bell's Bears. He has studied sculpture at a small community college called Kirtland where he has assisted teaching for 7 years.  He has moved to advanced techniques with stone carving saws, Jet Stik, and chisels to create a very large stone marble sculpture and many small stone sculptures.  He has studied and made clay sculptures as well.  He is working with combining wood and stone as well.  You will find in his gallery of pictures the projects that he has done on-site for home and business owners to have as art in their yards for them to enjoy along with their neighbors.

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Phone: 989-821-7373

E-mail: bellsbearssean@gmail.com

Address:121 Leafy Lane

Roscommon MI, 48653