Sean Bell: Artist, Sculptor, Woodworker

Art Prize

Sean has entered his stone artwork in  ArtPrize of Grand Rapids Michigan in 2013.  The name of this piece is called “Victory Over Evil”. It took 2 years to complete the project. After many challenges he completed the task at hand for the event. Although it did not amount to any winnings.   He learned a great deal about stone carving and has expanded his work with stone greatly.

Micheal the Waring Angel defeats Satan (snake) in the battle over good and evil. It is written that in the end Satan will be defeated. This is a representation of that great battle with good overcoming evil. The stone (marble) represents the strength and lasting power of God. The 23 Karat Gold on the sword and wings represents the glory and goodness of our Lord.

Victory over evil is carved into the sword in the Hebrew language to remind us that evil will never prevail, and that goodness will always endure! The severed head of the snake represents the final act of defeat. It’s the moment when God cast Satan into the Eternal Lake of Fire!

The statue stands 9 feet tall and is approximately 3 feet deep.



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